Nick King, MD, PHDUniversity of Sydney Australia

    Professor King is internationally recognized for his research on viral pathogenesis and immune-pathology and is co-inventor of the Cour immune modifying particle technology platform. He is Professor of Pathology at The University of Sydney, in Sydney Australia. He received his Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Cape Town in 1976, and his Ph.D. in 1986 from the Australian National University. After completing his post-doctoral training at the University of Sydney, he joined the department of Pathology at the University in 1988. Most recently, Prof. King was admitted as an honorary member to the Royal College of Pathologists (2009). Prof. King has held or currently holds positions as the President of Federation of Immunological Societies Asia-Oceania (FIMSA), Treasurer of the International Union of Immunology Societies, and Director of The Advanced Cytometry Facility (ACF) at the University, the most advanced and largest flow cytometry unit in the Southern Hemisphere.

    His work has provided ground-breaking insights into virus-host interactions. His early work discovered the ability of viruses, like West Nile Virus to hijack cellular machinery to trick the immune system. More recently he has pioneered new understanding surrounding immune pathology observed in the brain after infection and during autoimmunity. Most recently he has focused his efforts on translating the novel discovery that nanoparticles may be harnessed to prevent immune mediated pathology. This includes the development of a phase 1/2 encephalitis clinical programs.