The Cour particle platforms provide a novel and highly specific immune targeting capability which may be applied to severe inflammatory modulation, and immune (antigen) tolerization.

Unmatched Breakthrough

The TIMP and IMP platforms are a truly novel opportunity unmatched by current in-market and pipeline alternatives which primarily consist of toxic immune suppressants. These platforms have far-reaching implications across a wide-spectrum of valuable therapeutic indications.

Immune Modifying
Nanoparticles (IMP)
For severe inflammation

The particle design starts with an FDA approved co-polymer – PLGA

The particles target/bind inflammatory cells (monocytes) and eliminate them through normal metabolism

Reduction in circulating monocytes prevents tissue damage

Tolerizing Immune Modifying

Nanoparticles (TIMP)

For autoimmune conditions

While the IMP particle surface provides the immune uptake, the interior core can be loaded with antigen

Tolerizing IMPs (TIMPs) are programmable for a number of autoimmune conditions