What we do

Severe Inflammation

Our Immune Modifying Particles (IMP) are derived from biodegradable polymer poly(lactic-co-glycolic-acid) (PLGA), and when modified and built using proprietary IMP technology, provide therapeutic relief in inflammatory conditions, including acute myocardial infarction and rare tropical diseases.

Autoimmune Disease & Allergy

Our proprietary Tolerizing Immune Modifying Particle (TIMP) platform can be programmed to target autoimmune or allergic conditions by introducing disease-specific antigens to re-program the immune system.

Providing Cures

Taken together, IMP and TIMP are break-through technologies that address a wide range of immunological therapeutic opportunities in a novel, efficacious and safe manner.

Our Technology

The Cour particle platforms provide a novel and highly specific immune targeting capability which may be safely applied to severe inflammatory modulation, and immune (antigen) tolerization.

Unmatched Breakthrough

The TIMP and IMP platforms are a safe, efficacious and truly novel opportunity unmatched by current in-market and pipeline alternatives which primarily consist of toxic immune suppressants. These platforms have far-reaching implications across a wide-spectrum of valuable therapeutic indications.

Our Pipeline

Combining Immunology and Material Sciences to cure human disease
We have developed unique therapeutic platforms that will transform traditional approaches to how immune diseases are treated. Our team of physicians, researchers and leading pharmaceutical company collaborators understand the unique opportunities of nanotechnology-based therapy development, resulting in optimized development with the greatest chance of clinical success.

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