We are a group of dedicated scientific, medical, and business professionals who are driven to find treatments and cures of immune-mediated diseases. By focusing our research on the root cause of disease, we seek to provide treatments previously unavailable to doctors and their patients.


John. J. Puisis

Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Catherine “Kitty” Mackey, PHD

Chairman of the Board

Jim Herrmann

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Adam Elhofy, PHD

Director, Immunology

Michael Boyne, PHD

Vice President of Product Development and Analytics

Ashley Ruth, PHD

Director of Quality

Jill Heady

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Olga Jasinsky

Director of Operations

Tim Toby, PHD

Director of Cour Labs

Joseph Podojil, PHD

Director, Immunology

Tushar Murthy, PHD

Biotechnology Analyst

Greta Wodarcyk, PHD

Senior Scientist, Project Management

Sandeep Kakade

Development Scientist

Qichen Xu

Development Scientist


Roy First, MD

Medical Advisor

Kari Nadeau, MD, PHD

Stanford University

Ciaran P. Kelly, MD

Harvard Medical School

Stephen D. Miller, PHD

Northwestern University

Lonnie D. Shea, PHD

University of Michigan